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QueensHack is the first student-run hackathon in Queens, NY, led by a group of dedicated high school and college students striving to promote an interest in computer science. Over the course of 24-hours, participants will create awesome projects and showcase their creativity. Beginners and experts alike will have the opportunity to work together to improve their skills and impress the judges, culminating in an awards ceremony. Join us for a weekend of skill building, teamwork, and fun!



  • Saturday

09:00am - Doors Open / Breakfast

10:30am - Opening Ceremony

11:30am - Team Formation

12:00pm - Hacking Begins / Lunch

01:00pm - Game Development with PhaserIO (Workshop by Renne Castro)

02:00pm - How To Deploy To Heroku (Workshop by Make School)

03:00pm - Intro to Object Oriented Programming and Swift (Workshop by Make School)

04:00pm - Intro to Git (Dan Stepanov)

07:00pm - Dinner

08:30pm - Photobooth

10:00pm - Jenga Tournament

  • Sunday

12:00am - Midnight Snacks

12:15am - Lights Dimmed, Music Lowered

04:00am - Early Morning Refuel

08:00am - Breakfast

10:30am - Submission Roundup

12:00pm - Hacking Ends

12:30pm - Hack Demos

02:00pm - Judging

02:30pm - Closing Ceremony

03:00pm - Adios!

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$1,186 in prizes

First Place - Sphero BB-8 (4)

Each team member receives an app-enabled Sphero BB-8.

Second Place - Millennium Falcon Drone (4)

Each team member receives an RC Millennium Falcon Drone.

Third Place - Divoom® Aurabox PixelArt Speaker (4)

Each team member receives an Aurabox speaker.

Honorable Mention - Jenga Set (4)

Each team member will receive a Jenga set.

Jenga Tournament Winner - Darth Vader VR (2)

The winners of our Jenga tournament will win a Darth Vader themed Google Cardboard.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Only current high school and undergraduate students are eligible to participate as a hacker. If you are an industry professional who would like to mentor or run a workshop, please fill out this form.

How to enter

Thanks to our sponsors, we have access to a repository of API credits. If you intend on using Kairos, Twilio, or Figma, please email us at with your request. If you are using Clarifai, you can redeem credits yourself by signing up here.

If you are working IoT hardware, we would suggest using the Wyliodrin STUDIO which will help ease development.

If you are having trouble coming up with an idea, we invite you to try out Springboard Projects.

Additionally, we would ask that you please download Dash prior to the event. This program will help you instantly view code explanations and any further documentation. Once installed, choose the languages you intend to utilize and download. We recommended installing at least Javascript.

We also have a hardware lab setup. You can borrow our hardware to hack on for the duration of the hackathon. Please note that a valid photo ID or credit card with your name is required to borrow hardware. In the event of any damage to the hardware, you will be held responsible and will be required to pay for damages.

Following is the list of available hardware:

  • 15 Leap Motions
  • Spark Photon Boards
  • Muse Headbands
  • Oculus Rift DK2
  • Pebble Steels
  • 12 Myo Armbands

We suggest looking these up and downloading any necessary software prior to the event. There will be over a hundred people present and downloading large files will only clog up the Internet. Please be prepared ahead of time.

We also invite you to join our participants Facebook group so that you can post questions and talk with other attendees before and throughout the event.


Minerva Tantoco

Minerva Tantoco
Chief Technology Officer @ NYC

Tom O'Connell

Tom O'Connell
Program Director @ Camp/Interactive

Saron Yitabarek

Saron Yitabarek
Founder @ CodeNewbie

Jukay Hsu

Jukay Hsu
Founder @ Coalition for Queens (C4Q)

Ash Ryan

Ash Ryan
Technical Evangelist @ Adobe

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Difficulty
    How difficult was your idea to 'hack'? Did you slap together APIs or did you challenge yourself with new technologies?
  • Completion
    Would a random person be able to use your 'hack' without any difficulty? Would their experience be flawless and as intended?
  • Usefulness
    How practical is your 'hack' in today's world? Would you use it outside of QueensHack?
  • Polish
    Does your 'hack' look appealing? If another 'hack' had the same functionality, would someone choose yours over it based on the design?